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AFRICAN MANGO DR OZ - The truth behind African Mango for Weight Loss

African Mango Dr Oz

The Truth Behind The African Mango Dr Oz Recommendation


African mango Dr Oz recommendation on Oprah

It is not actually his to give, but many people call it the African Mango of Dr Oz because of the fact that Dr. Mehmet Oz catapulted the African Mango diet to popularity when he featured it on his show in 2010. He also mentioned the African Mango fruit on one of his Oprah guestings which only solidified the popularity of the fruit as a weight loss supplement. If you are one of those who are intrigued by the hype the African mango fruit (Irvingia Gabonensis) has been receiving, read on so you can learn more about the truth behind the African mango Dr Oz recommendation.





Who is Dr Oz?

Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz (or simply Dr. Oz) is a Turkish American cardiothoracic surgeon who first made his television appearance in 2004 on one of the most watched talk show in the planet: The Oprah Winfrey Show. Five years later and due to popular demand, Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures launched a separate show entitled The Dr. Oz Show where the celebrity doctor talked about health issues, cures for illnesses and practical tips to help improve one’s health. The fact that Dr. Oz talks about weight loss a lot on his show while also showing actual results made his show one of the most watched health shows on the planet.

The African Mango Dr Oz Recommendation

In one of the episodes in his show. Dr. Oz introduced African mango and subsequently discussed how the local fruit from Cameroon can help people not only to lose weight but also to improve their blood cholesterol levels. As a fruit, the African Mango is not only very healthy and  delicious, but it is also very high in fiber content, Vitamin C, Phytosterols, and Beta Carotene. If you read this post about the African Mango Seed and Fruit Composition, you will see why African mango is popular not only to dieters but also to those who have problems with colon disease.

However, the benefits of African mango do not stop there. The African Mango of Dr Oz is gaining its good reputation for improving blood glucose control for those with diabetes, and it is known to lower bad cholesterol levels by as much as 46%. The weight loss ability of African mangoes are said to be a function of the fruits’ seeds, while the ability to help in colon disease is mostly attributed to the African Mango fruit which is very high in fiber. After research studies show that there are really benefits to be derived from the African Mango extract, the African Mango Dr Oz recommendation jumpstarted the popularity of the fruit,  dubbing it as a ‘miracle in your medicine cabinet’ and a ‘breakthrough supplement”.

Can you trust the African Mango Dr Oz recommendation?

Dr Oz and African Mango are famous because the claims made by the celebrity doctor on his show are highly popularized. But the important question is, can you really trust this African mango Dr Oz recommendation? The answer to this question is a yes and the reason for this is the fact that Dr. Mehmet Oz is a health expert. He studied at Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania, and served on the faculty of Columbia University as a professor at the Department of Surgery for many years. If that credential isn’t enough for you, then maybe the word of Oprah might have some weight on this as well. Dr Oz worked hard to create his untarnished reputation and he will definitely not waste it by recommending a fluke weight loss fruit that doesn’t work.

On the other hand, the African Mango is famous because the fruit’s claims have stood the test of scientific studies. In 2005, a study regarding how African mango managed obesity revealed that the average weight of those who took the fruit’s extract decreased by 5.26%. In 2008, a study shows results regarding improved body weight, loss of fat and reduced waist circumference, all of which have been observed while the test group took IGOB 131 African Mango extract. Lastly, in 2009, another relevant study revealed that when compared to aother weight loss supplement called Cissus Quadrangularis, those taking pure extract of African mango showed more improvement in weight, fat and other dieting aspects. These are just some of the examples that are impressive about African mango and Dr Oz clearly backed up the claims that he made on his show.

Information is the key to finding the best African Mango supplement

With these benefits, it is no wonder that the African Mango of Dr Oz has spawned a lot of loyal following. However, it is always important to keep an open mind about the various African Mango reviews inspired by Dr. Oz. First of all, Dr Oz did not recommend a single African mango pill or capsule that you should buy; he only recommended the actual fruit itself. Second, many weight loss companies have also jumped the bandwagon and created a myriad of weight loss pills packaged in the name of “Pure African Mango Extract”, when the truth is the ingredients they used doesn’t even contain African mango at all.

Since acquiring the actual African mango fruit is not an option for most people, the next best thing that you can try is to buy African mango extracts. And if you want to avoid suffering from any African mango scam, it is important that you only get your African Mango extract from trusted weight loss companies. In this aspect, African Mango Plus is definitely the best choice for you.

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    I am interested on trying African Mango plus hoping I,will lose this last ten pounds.

    • African Mango Lover says:

      Hi Cathy, as long as you follow the right diet and supplement exercise with African Mango properly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t lose more than ten pounds!


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