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African Mango Plus Green Tea - A Potent Fat Loss Combination

African Mango Plus Green Tea – A Potent Fat Loss Combination

African Mango Plus Green Tea


African Mango Fruit For Weight Loss

With almost everyone trying to lose weight and burn the fat off their bellies, the search for the ultimate weight loss combination has become an obsession for many people. New weight loss fads have come and go in the past few years; some working like they were advertised and a few tagged as weight loss scams. Having said that, it seems to be that one of the most potent fat burning combinations by far is the African mango plus green tea combo. In this article, we will try to find out why the said combination ha earned its reputation as the “Holy Grail of weight loss”.

African Mango as Appetite Suppressant, Anti-Adipocyte Formula and Cholesterol Controller

A potent weight loss product should have the ability to control your appetite, loosen up your fat storage and at the same time provide you with a healthy cholesterol level. As shown by the case studies presented in the research we have collected, the African mango seed and fruit seems to possess all of the said traits and even more.

The African Mango extract (Irvingia Gabonensis) IGOB131 has already been developed into a potent appetite-suppressing supplement by many medico-research companies. After being endorsed by Dr. Oz, the resident celebrity doctor of Oprah, the interest in the product reached an all-time high. People soon realized the potency of consuming a diet staple that includes Irvingia Gabonensis.




The African mango Dr. Oz endorsement was not the last though, as many Hollywood celebrities have also jumped to the hype and included African mango diet in their weight loss programs. When taken in 1.05 gram servings at least 30 minutes before eating, African mango can help suppress appetite which prevents people from eating more than what is necessary. Complemented together, African mango plus green tea seems to be a very potent all-natural weight loss combo that will attend to all of your fat-burning needs.

African mango was also seen to act as an anti-adipocyte formula agent by some fat-loss experts. Adipocytes, also known as “fat cells” or “lipocytes”, are the cells in the body responsible for the storage of fats. When a fat cell is already full, it seems to “replicate” itself by creating new cells to house the extra fat. This is the reason why fat is accumulated when you consume too much food.

African mango acts like an anti-adipocyte agent in such a way that it opens up the storage functionality of the body’s adipocytes, thereby allowing fat to be burned faster. At the same time, the anti-adipocyte formula in some Irvingia Gabonensis supplements also inhibit the body from storing too much fat, thereby helping people who possess extremely low metabolic rate.

Finally, Irvingia Gabonensis also acts as an agent for cholesterol control. As seen on the research named “The effect of Irvingia gabonensis seeds on body weight and blood lipids of obese subjects in Cameroon“, an increase of almost 47% was seen in the HDL (high density lipoprotein) levels of those who consumed African mango IGOB131 extracts 3 times a day over a 4-week period. At the same time, a significant decrease of almost 45% in LDL (low density lipoprotein) was also seen in the same patients who consumed the IGOB131 seed extracts.

This goes to show that Irvingia Gabonensis consumption helps not only in appetite suppression and weight loss but more importantly in controlling the good and bad cholesterol levels as well. Combined together, African mango plus green tea offers a unique complementary effect that will fill most of your weight loss needs, as you can see below.

Green Tea as Thermogenic and Energy Source

Thermogenics are substances that induce fat burning in the body by slightly “speeding up” the metabolism through the creation of heat. When you take a morning jog or you run in a marathon, don’t you feel hot and sweaty all around? You guessed it right. The body creates heat to burn the calories that we use when we do physical activities. Green tea has a natural ability to act as a thermogenic substance by creating internal heat even without doing physical activities. The result is that you are able to burn off calories little by little, although you might feel slightly hot and sweaty as a thermogenic side effect.


African Mango plus Green Tea Works Great For Burning Fat

Aside from that, green tea also provides a great energy boost that can help you go through arduous physical activities such as going to the gym, lifting weights or running. Because green tea is a natural source of caffeine, a known stimulant and energy booster prominent in coffee, you can acquire the energy boost that you need to carry out physical activities by drinking a cup of tea everyday. This makes the combination of African mango plus green tea a very effective way to burn fat because the two products naturally support the functions of each other.

African Mango Plus Green Tea – The Holy Grail of Weight Loss

Green tea has long been proven to assist in burning fat and reducing weight and you can see a lot of medical studies online to prove these claims. The complementary effects of African mango plus Green Tea seems to be a realistic and both products also come from all-natural plant sources, making them very safe to consume. By acting as both a thermogenic and an energy source, green tea can really spike up your fat-burning potential in no time at all. At the same time, the appetite-suppressing and fat-reduction effects of African mango is also a perfect solution for those with slow metabolism. If you really want to step up the game and break through your weight-loss plateau, African Mango plus green tea is the “holy grail of weight loss” that you should incorporate into your diet.

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