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AFRICAN MANGO PLUS REVIEW - The Effect of African Mango on Weight Loss

African Mango Plus

The Truth About African Mango Diet

With proof of success, testimonials and celebrity endorsements abound, African Mango has become one of the most popular weight loss extract in the last couple of years. After being endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz on Oprah, the african mango fruit became the “weight loss miracle” for many people. Medical claims and research have backed up the evidence that African Mango really does have a tremendous effect in weight loss. Aside from that, African Mango was also proven to help lower bad cholesterol levels and cleanse the colon because of it high fiber content.

What is African Mango?

African Mango is considered a part of the several species of African trees belonging to the genus Irvingia and is also a part of the family Irvingiaceae. The African Mango is quite distinguishable from other mangoes because of the presence of nut-like raw seeds that are considered edible to eat and consume. Although much has been said about the effects of eating this wondrous fruit, the African mango is most notable for its ability to help people lose weight. The IGOB131, a novel seed extract from the African mango fruit, has been a focal point of research in the medical community. Today, several research have cited that the African mango indeed has tremendous effects when it comes to weight loss.



African Mango for Weight Loss

african mango for weight loss

According to the studies conducted and published by reputable institutions such as BiomedCentral, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and ClinicalTrials.gov, the use and consumption of Irvingia gabonensis can produce positive and measurable effects when it comes to weight loss. According to the study published by the NCBI, African Mango can cause a huge effect on losing weight for people who take in at least 150mg servings of its seed extract also known as IGOB131. Furthermore, significant improvements in the reduction of body fat, thinning of the waist circumference and improvement in both Plasma total and LDL cholesterol were also seen in the subjects who were involved in the study. Almost 100 overweight, obese and healthy individuals participated in this medical project and the results were really overwhelming to be called a “hoax” or a “scam”. Other clinical research also claim that continuous consumption of African Mango extracts can also produce an average loss of up to 8-10lbs in body weight and 2 inches off the waist in a 30-day period. Taken at least 30 minutes before eating a meal, Irvingia gabonensis produces an appetite-suppressant effect that inhibits the intake of too much food, allowing overweight and obese individuals to control their urge to eat.

african mango plus benefits

In another study conducted by Ngondi JL, et.al., the effect of African Mango on severely obese people and their blood levels were also explored. A group of approximately 40 Cameroonians with a BMI of more than 25 were held in a 4 week treatment. The group was divided into 2, with 28 people getting 3 x 1.05 grams of African Mango extract and the rest getting a placebo. The effects showed that after the 4 week treatment, the group who underwent the African mango consumption lost almost 5.3% of their body fat percentage, while the placebo group lost only 1.3% with the same diet and fitness programs. Bad cholesterol levels were also seen to lower down by as much as 46% for the treatment group,including a spike of 47% in good cholesterol levels. Clearly, the African Mango showed promising effects proven by medical research, something that cannot be dismissed by people who are still skeptical about it’s effectiveness and genuineness in burning off unwanted fat.

Recent studies are being explored today to present the potential of the African Mango as an advanced anti-adipocyte formula. Adipocytes, also known as fat cells, are the cells that are responsible for the storage of fats in the body. By helping control the actions of adipocytes in the body, people who have extremely slow metabolism that tend to accumulate body fat faster than normal can benefit greatly from this anti adipocyte characteristic of  the Irvingia Gabonensis.


Is It Better To Eat the African Mango Raw?

There have been no actual medical research that distinguishes the effects of eating raw African Mango from taking in its extract in capsule form. However, most people prefer to have the African Mango consumed through an extract in capsule or pill form. For one, supplementary capsules provide the convenience of not having to consistently prepare the raw Irvingia gabonensis for consumption before each meal. Furthermore, access to raw African Mangoes will be very difficult for those who live far from Africa, which is the current source of the weight loss fruit.

African Mango Plus – The # 1 African Mango Supplement For Weight Loss

.If you are looking for an easy way to gain the benefits of the African Mango without the inconvenience of importing the actual fruit, African Mango Plus is definitely the best supplement extract for you. Clinically-tested to be safe and effective for consumption, African Mango Plus allows you to enjoy the weight loss benefits of the  Irvingia gabonensis extract, without the hassle and complications attached.

Convenience Of Rapid Weight Loss In A Bottle

african mango for weight loss diet

Time is very important to people. So if you really value your time, you should realize that there is no better way to get the benefits of African Mango fruit than having a bottle of African Mango Plus for ready consumption. Whether you are at work, off to the office or waiting to go to the gym, you can easily get the fat burning effects of the African Mango fruit with every capsule of African Mango Plus.

Get the Benefits of African Mango With Each Herbal Capsule

African Mango Plus is an all-natural herbal supplement that gives you all the fat-burning benefits of Irvingia gabonensis in a convenient capsule form. With African Mango Plus, you can:

  • Lose weight rapidly *
  • Increase your overall metabolism *
  • Increase your fat oxidation *
  • Increase your fatigue limit *
  • Increase your energy supply *
  • Burn fat in your thighs, waist and buttocks *
  • Make abs visible by lowering down body fat percentage

* As seen on product page

 A highly-recommended natural solution by doctors

Doctors have long recommended natural solutions when it comes to weight loss because natural solution are safe and highly-effective. With African Mango Plus, you are getting an all-natural supplement proven to burn fat by a number of research from reputable medical organizations. Doctors will always prefer people to lose fat the healthy, natural way and with African Mango Plus, that reality is definitely within your grasp.



Here are the active ingredients of African Mango Plus along with some brief info on what each ingredient does to make African Mango Plus the best weight loss solution in the market today:


african mango plus testimonials

Green Tea Extract 

  • Green Tea has long been proven to aid in weight loss because of its natural ability to produce a thermogenic effect inside the body. Thermegonic substances greatly help in boosting fat loss because they create heat inside the body that contributes to the faster burning of calories. And with 225 mg of Green Tea leaf extract inscluded with every capsule of African Mango Plus, you are sure to burn off those hard-to-eliminate fats in no time at all.

EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate)

  • Epigallocatechin Gallate, also known as EGCG, is an extract that comes from Green Tea and is mostly attributed for the anti-oxidant characteristics of Green Tea. Each capsule of African Mango Plus contains at least 135 mg of EGCG that can aid in cleansing your body an acting as a natural antioxidant. Now, you won’t just lose weight but you can also have antioxidant benefits with every serving of African Mango Plus.


  • Caffeine is another substance that possesses thermogenic characteristics and it is the main reason why you can always expect to see Caffeine in best weight loss pills. With 200mg of Caffeine per capsule, you are getting more than the equivalent of a cup of coffee with African Mango Plus.


  • Not all weight loss pills have Chromium as an active ingredient, and it is one big reason why African Mango Plus is head-and-shoulders above other weight loss pills. Chromium is a mineral needed by the body in small amounts and it is known to control the insulin levels inside the body. With 75 micrograms (0.075 mg) of Chromium packed in each serving, you can control your insulin levels and fat storage with African Mango Plus.


  • L-Theanine, also known as Suntheanine, is another green tea leaf extract that causes relaxation and partially supports the immune system. African Mango Plus incorporates 8 mg of L-Theanine in each serving so you can reap the benefits all in a single convenient weight loss capsule.

Pure African Mango Extract

  • Last and most important of all, African Mango Plus contains 100% pure african mango extract that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of real african mango fruit in your convenience. Research shows that the minimum recommended dosage for African Mango extract is 250 mg, and African Mango Plus contains that exact amount inside every capsule. The best way to take African Mango Plus is 30 minutes before each meal and this can really boost your weight loss potential. It also allows you to get rid of fat with proper diet and exercise while lowering your cholesterol levels.


Where do you buy African Mango Plus?

Whether you are in U.S.A, U.K, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or any part of the world, it doesn’t matter! African Mango Plus sends its products WORLDWIDE so you won’t have to worry about anything! With fast shipping and efficient delivery, there is no way that you won’t enjoy your African mango extracts in time. People from all over the world have already gotten their supply, how about you?

Thousands of people have already benefited from having African Mango Plus in their diets. Don’t lose the opportunity to live a healthier and fit lifestyle while also reaching the body that you have always wanted. Burn fat and achieve maximum weight loss potential now! Get your chance to lose weight by acquiring your FREE Bottle Offer from African Mango Plus today!



African Mango Plus, 9.7 out of 10 based on 32 ratings


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