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AFRICAN MANGO SCAM - Why Misinformation Can Do You A Lot Of Harm

Is African Mango Diet Scam?

African Mango Scam – Is There Really Some Truth To It?


Avoid African Mango Scam ?

Have you heard about the African Mango scam? Well, in your search for the latest trends in weight loss, health and nutrition, you will definitely have a high chance of stumbling upon this topic. And as far as weight loss and health is concerned, it really helps to be informed about the truth and hearsay about the African mango diet scam.





Origins of the African Mango Diet Scam

To understand where the issue about African mango scam is coming from, let us start by getting to know the fruit’s origin. African Mango, unlike the regular mango fruit, has some characteristics that make it a great source of weight loss extracts. African mangoes come from a tree which is native to West Africa, also known as Irvingia Gabonensis. And as far as civilization and local practices are concerned, the fruit has been used by locals not only as food but also as source of medicine and herbal treatment as well.

Basically, what locals in Africa do is to mash and grind up the seed of the African mango fruit to be used for cooking or thickening ingredient for their soups. The fruits are also known to give an energy boost so local hunter usually consume them during long hunting trips.

Irvingia Gabonensis is also known to have an effect on weight loss as seen on the overwhelming number of sponsored medical research conducted by field experts. And because of the buzz it has been making in the diet world, the question “is African Mango diet a scam or not?” has been widely debated around the world.

The Truth Behind The African Mango Scam

Truth is, the African Mango scam is just a result of misinformation and confusion. Although Irvingia Gabonensis products have only started to gain publicity in the last couple of years, it does not mean that the popular fruit is a total hoax by itself. Over the last 20 years, African mango has intrigued western scientists because of the various uses that one can extract from this ingenious fruit. From providing food to the table to producing cure for several diseases, African mango can really be considered as a miracle fruit with all of the good things it can bring to those who use it properly. Right now, many companies are using the IGOB131 extract from African Mango seeds to create weight loss supplements that are sold through the market. Some of these companies have shady reputations and they are the reason why news regarding the “African Mango Diet Scam” continues to proliferate around the world. Unexplained product procedures and over-exagerrated claims from shady supplement companies are the main reasons why this “scam” talk continues to proliferate to this very day.

African Mango Is Not A Scam – And These Are The Reasons Why!

To eliminate the gossip surrounding the authenticity and effectiveness of the African Mango diet, it is first important to understand how the weight loss properties of the fruit actually work. Basically, there are four basic ways in which the African Mango can help you lose unwanted weight. Read through the explanations listed below and decide for yourself whether there is really an African mango scam or none.

  • First off, studies show that the IGOB131 seed extract of Irvingia Gabonensis helps to naturally speed up one’s metabolism, making it easier for your body to burn unwanted fats.
  • Second, African mangoes help in regulating the body’s Leptin levels. What is Leptin? It is a hormone which plays an important role in maintaining the energy levels of the body. Leptin also sends chemical signals to the brain controls the amount of fat stored in the body. By keeping the body’s Leptin low, you will store less fat and lose weight easier.
  • Third, the fruit delays your digestion–but in a good way. It helps you feel full much longer, thereby reducing your crave to eat.
  • Finally, the Irvingia Gabonensis fruit is a rich source of fiber, which is very important in helping your body eliminate body waste.

Get Slim With African Mango Plus

Today, there are a lot of buzz surrounding the so-called African Mango scam, but you should always be wary about what you read if you want to keep your health at bay. One should always keep an open mind regarding such claims because the “African Mango scam” may not really be a scam after all. If you keep your eyes closed and you are thoroughly misinformed, you might be missing out on a chance to experience a good weight loss opportunity.

Shady companies who create sub-level African mango products are the ones that you should be careful about and not the African mango fruit itself. The fruit itself and its Dikka nuts have been proven to help people lose weight countless time through research and the results are always there for you to examine. But if you can find a great African mango product such as African Mango Plus who takes pride in creating top-of-the-line supplement extracts, you will soon appreciate the weight loss potential that Irvingia Gabonensis can bring to the table. There is no “african mango scam”, but there will always be “african mango companies scam”, so be careful in dealing with them.

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