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AFRICAN MANGO WEIGHT LOSS - Does African Mango Really Burn Fat?

African Mango Weight Loss

The Truth About African Mango Weight Loss


Does African Mango Weight Loss Diet Work?

Feeling good about yourself is a natural human process and we have all tried to lose a few pounds at one point in our lives. Right now, African Mango weight loss is the rage in the health and fitness community and in all due honesty the fruit does deserve the credit. If you have tried doing weight loss programs and using diet supplements before, you’ll realize that some programs do work even if a lot of the others do not. Knowledge is always the key in determining which programs work and which ones do not and this article will try to explain why African mango for weight loss does indeed work.





The Origin Of African Mango and the African Mango Diet

As its name suggests, the African mango fruit is originally from West Africa. Its scientific name is Irvingia Gabonensis but there are also a lot of local alternative names for African mango given by the West African natives. The African Mango weight loss craze came into popularity when Dr. Oz featured it on his show in 2010. Studies for the fruit were originally conducted to test its effect on cholesterol but recent information suggest that African mango and colon disease cure are also promising.

In the case studies done by highly-regarded individuals and organizations, the results showed the not only did African Mango extract lower the bad cholesterol of the people that participated in the study. In most cases, a decrease in weight, fat percentage and hip measurements were also seen in those who participated. (If you want proof, you can read the Case Studies section of this site to see that African mango work for weight loss.

The Science Behind The African Mango Weight Loss Diet

The underlying connection between African Mango and weight loss can be summed up in the following:

  • African mango improves metabolism
  • African mango suppresses one’s appetite
  • African mango helps in delaying digestion
  • African mango is a great source of fiber
The extract and seeds of the African Mango are primarily responsible for the first three characteristics while the last one is provided by the fruit itself. To further add, the African Mango extract burns fat fast and it also acts in regulating Leptin–the hormone in your body responsible for appetite. If your body’s Leptin levels are high, you will feel a lot fuller thereby suppressing your appetites and food cravings.

By improving metabolism, Irvingia Gabonensis is able to burn much more calories even when the person is at rest and not thoroughly active. African mango also acts as an anti-adipocyte formula that controls the activity of fat cells within the body. Aside from this, the appetite suppression of the African mango extract also known as IGOB131 greatly helps in controlling the intake of food of those who follow the African mango diet. The fruit is also very rich in fiber, which helps in cleansing the stomach and improving digestion.

How To Choose A Trustworthy African Mango Supplement

Finding the best African Mango weight loss pill depends on what your needs are. There are a lot of things to consider in choosing a trustworthy African mango supplement and you must also take into account the accessibility and usability of the product you are going to buy. Do you want your supplement to be in pill or capsule form? Will you combine African mango with other weight loss supplements such as Acai Berry or Green Tea? Do you plan to buy your African mango supplement online or do you intend to purchase it over at Walmart or GNC?

Choosing a trustworthy weight loss product is not an easy task and many products claim to work yet end up wasting your money. But if you are looking for the best African mango pill in the market today, African Mango Plus is definitely your best choice. Since its introduction to the market, African Mango Plus has continued to provide countless weight loss success stories from individuals who are struggling to lose their weight. If you are really serious in slimming down, visit the Official African Mango Plus website and see why African Mango Weight Loss diet works.

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