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AFRICAN MANGO SUPPLEMENTS - Are they really worth buying?

Are African Mango Supplements Really Worth It?

Mangoes are one of the most common fruits that we can ever encounter. Now, the celebrated African Mango supplement surprised everyone by showing how useful and beneficial the right kind of mangoes can be. If you haven’t heard about African mangoes yet, I highly suggest that you read this other article and enlighten yourself with the strengths and benefits given by the popular fruit from Africa.




What are African Mangoes And Why Are They Good For The Health?

Irvingia gabonensis, the scientific name of African Mango, is a fruit indigenous in the exotic country of Cameroon, West Africa. Now before you go eating bucketfuls of this tasty fruit, remember that it is not the flesh that is put into the African Mango supplement, but its seed extract. The seed extract of the African mango fruit, also known as IGOB 131, is the one that is responsible for the weight loss capabilities attributed to the fruit. It is the seeds that are used to produce the supplements and pills that you can purchase from stores and online shops.

Before you buy an African mango supplement, you have to know important facts about it. And first on the list of African mango supplement facts is the recommended duration of supplement use. For crude seed extracts of an African Mango diet supplement, a person can take the supplement for up to 4 weeks. But for IGOB131, a specific standardized African Mango seed extract, it is said that an individual person can use it for up to 10 weeks. Thoroughly check the ingredient label of the brand you are buying. This goes for buying an African mango supplement without caffeine, if that is what you prefer.

Are African Mango Supplements Really Worth Buying?

The usefulness of a supplement will always vary from person to person, but if you are asking the question for convenience’s sake then the answer to your question is a resounding yes. African mango supplements are worth buying because they are packed with all the benefits of the real fruit, but you can conveniently purchase it from your favorite stores without hassles. Compared to importing the actual fruit, buying supplementary pills are always preferable.

If there is such as a thing as the best African Mango supplement, it should be  something that best suits your needs. Usually, What an African Mango supplement does as Dr. Oz recommended is suppress the appetite which results to lower calorie intake and eventual weight loss. However, it is also advisable to combine the said supplement with Vitamin B, C, D and other multivitamins to support the body with the nutrition it needs.

What Does African Mango Supplements Do And Are There Side Effects To Consider?

Just remember that like any other supplement, there are side effects of the African mango supplement that you need to be informed about. The most common side effects of the supplement are: headaches, flatulence, insomnia, and dizziness. Most of these effects are temporary as the body adjusts to the changes. It is important to remember the following when taking diet supplements to get over the side effects faster:

(1) Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration;

(2) Eat small meals, instead of starving one’s self; and

(3) Practice correct dosage timing to lessen sleep pattern disruption.

Aside from appetite suppression, other main benefits of taking the African Mango supplement are lowering cholesterol, initiating detoxification, and regulating one’s adiponectin and leptin levels. Adiponectin is a natural hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar, while the Lepttin is hormone responsible for sending signal to the brain that it is still full (or in other words, it sends the signal that you are not yet hungry). Just to add, the african mango supplement is not recommended for those who are pregnant and breast feeding. If you plan to take any weight loss pill during pregnancy or post-pregnancy, you should consult your doctor and ask for medical opinion.

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